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WGI Email Newsletter sent to members December 10, 2006

Next month, Water Gardeners International will celebrate its first birthday! Look for special features to mark the occasion!

Today we have 909 members in 50 countries -- amazing in such a short time. But we won't be satisfied until we reach every interested water gardener in the world and ask for your help in achieving that goal. Please pass on Join Page link to friends, family, fellow club members, forums and discussion groups. As you know, membership is absolutely free.

Tell them how much you enjoy the fabulous WGI ONLINE Journal articles, exclusive to members. Access the newest issue HERE and write us if you have lost your access codes.

Let them know about the importance of the Truly Named program for certification of the correctness of waterlilies.

And tell them about the International Checklist of Waterlily Names, which will be printed and available this month. Detailed descriptions are still flowing in and will be included.

Since our last update, we have a new chapter in Joel Police's excellent series for beginning water gardeners -- Materials and Components for your Pond.

See pictures from the extraordinary Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and 2006 Walderbacher Seerosentage - Waterlily Days at Walderbach, Germany.

Philip Swindells continues to improve and should soon be able to leave the hospital in Spain and travel to England. The list of friends signing the Get Well Card for him grows almost daily.

Please send us your ideas and suggestions!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members November 10, 2006

Variety is the spice of the new WGI Online Journal, now available to members! Our cover story spotlights Derek Fell's novel swimming approach to water gardening, fully illustrated by the internationally renowned garden writer and photographer. You'll also find Australian native waterlilies in situ, an historic lotus, a unique look at forested wetlands, a very unusual Victoria, and step-by-step building of several ponds. Add colorful aquatics you may not have considered before, regional articles with seasonal tips, a garden-inspired art gallery. Sprinkle in turtles, goldfish and waterlilies and koi coexisting peacefully in several locations and it’s a recipe to suit every taste.

Work continues on our Checklist of Waterlily Names. Cultivars with detailed descriptions and images number nearly 70 -- see them here. As a result of ongoing response, we are extending the deadline for inclusion in the print version of the Checklist, available December 2006. Be a part of this benchmark project, either by submitting your hybrids or by letting us know you think you would like to purchase copies.

Philip Swindells continues to recover from his November 3 surgery to remove a tumor from the frontal lobe of his brain. His wife Hazel promises to keep us posted on his progress. If you have not yet signed the get well card for Philip and want to do so, write us. If you include messages, we are consolidating the emails and Hazel is reading them to Philip.

Suggestions for Journal stories and improving WGI are always welcome!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members October 10, 2006

This month we focus on our International Checklist of Waterlily (Nymphaea) Names. We need everyone’s help to make the printed version, to be published in November, a complete success.

We would appreciate your review of the Preliminary Checklist found here – http://www.victoria-adventure.org/waterlilies/names/wgi_names_main.html

The list contains nearly 1,800 names and we don’t expect you to review it all but, if you find corrections that should be made, please send them to checklist@watergardenersinternational.org.

We and many WGI members are especially interested in finding new and previously unpublished cultivars! This is an opportunity for hybridizers to validate the names they have selected in print, together with a brief description. Even more important is assembling detailed descriptions and images found in the Application for Inclusion in the Checklist! We invite and encourage all hybridizers with named cultivars to participate.

All of this information is going on our website as quickly as possible (Introductions) and will be included in our November 2006 print publication, which will be circulated to appropriate libraries and authorities. We suspect many of you will want the edition!

We don’t yet know how much the Checklist will cost to produce as that will depend on the number of color images and number of copies printed. It will be a soft bound, attractive, though not elaborate publication. If you would like to own this landmark work, please write checklist@watergardenersinternational.org with your name and the number of copies we should reserve for you. This not a commitment to purchase – just a way for you to help determine how many copies to print. WGI members will be able to purchase the Checklist at cost plus shipping.

In other news, our directories continue to grow! Check in on Gardens and Clubs. We invite you to publicize your organization's upcoming activities on our Calendar of Events. (Remember, the combined V-A/WGI sites receive over 1,000,000 hits a month.)

With the northern hemisphere’s water gardening season winding down, this is a great time for our commercial growers and retailers to join the Truly Named waterlily certification program.

We hope our members in the southern hemisphere will get out camera and pen (or keyboard) over the next months and provide us with some exciting material for WGI ONLINE Journal. If for any reason you have missed the current issue, don’t! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our cover story reaches around the world to embrace the message of hope.

Write us if you have lost your codes to access the Journal or the Members Only! We welcome your suggestions for how we can improve WGI. Please write us with your ideas!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members September 10, 2006

The threat to Bennetts Water Gardens in the UK has finally come to a vote; the outcome was decided by a very close 4-3-1 decision. Read about it here –

Many new detailed entries in the WGI International Checklist of Waterlily Names have arrived. Access the online versions here –
The printed Checklist will be offered to WGI members for purchase.

We invite and remind all hybridizers to send us detailed descriptions of their creations for inclusion in the Checklist that we will print not later than November 2006. The Application is here –

Since our last Update, pages are up about Charles Winch’s daughters’ trip to New Orleans to see their father’s Collection there, images from Pondapalooza, the compelling PowerPoint program presented by Charles Thomas about Truly Named, the poster images that decorated our booth, a new chapter for Beginners by Joel Police, and extended coverage of the IWGS Symposium, highlighted by Rich Sacher’s images of an amazing group of blue tropical waterlilies assembled at Florida Aquatic Nurseries.

Several exciting new pages about the Australian waterlily subgenus Anecphya and an innovation that expands the waterlily season can be accessed at Victoria-Adventure’s Recent Additions. Between Updates please check there and WGI’s New and News for new articles and other items of interest.

The most recent issue of WGI ONLINE Journal is here – http://www.watergardenersinternational.org/journal/1-3/cover.html
For those of you who may not have seen the Journal yet, the winner of our recent Waterlily Beauty Contest is the cover story!

See our new Index to ALL Journal articles here –

If you have misplaced your codes to access the Journal and the Members Only section, email us and we will send them to you. If you would prefer not to receive these Updates, reply to this mail with No in the subject line.

For those interested in numbers, WGI has grown to over 800 members in 49 countries! The August combined web site statistics eclipsed all previous records with 1,290,595 hits, 303,787 pageviews, and 57,114 user sessions.

We sincerely welcome your input. Please write us with your suggestions for improving WGI!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members August 10, 2006

Wow! Is this a busy time!

The new issue of WGI ONLINE Journal is hot off the press here – http://www.watergardenersinternational.org/journal/1-3/cover.html
We know you will enjoy this issue with its very special cover story.

If you have misplaced your codes to access the Journal and the Members Only section, email us and we will send them to you.

In other developments, be sure to check in on New & News. The most recent headline and photo describe the nine-day visit of Noelene Pullen and Margaret Edwards, daughters of legendary Australian hybridizer Charles Winch, to the United States. They toured the Knotts garden Paradise in Cocoa Beach and McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, among others in central Florida. The highlight of their trip was seeing the Winch Collection at New Orleans Botanical Garden. Look for expanded coverage from New Orleans, including fabulous images of the Collection, in the very near future.

Next News is from Pondapalooza. WGI had a terrific time there and feature more coverage of that too. Alan Montour’s images will be accompanied by the compelling PowerPoint program presented by Charles Thomas about Truly Named.

Coming soon are new photos and detailed descriptions of the award-winning cultivars of Andreas Protopapas -- also a great new chapter for Beginners by Joel Police.

We’ll have more coverage from the IWGS Symposium, highlighted by Rich Sacher’s images of all 60 waterlilies in “The Blues”, an awesome group assembled at Florida Aquatic Nurseries.

We will NOT notify members as these pages go up. Instead please check New and News and Victoria-Adventure’s Recent Additions for their publication.

We are extending the deadline for nominations of clubs and botanical gardens for the WGI Spotlight because we have received NO response from members! If this interests you, send us the name of a member club and/or member garden you’d like to see featured. We are also extending the deadline for a new plant to Spotlight, as we are frankly behind on uploading pages for candidates to New Introductions. We are moving the Spotlight debut to early October if we receive enough feedback from you.

If you would prefer not to receive these more-or-less monthly updates from WGI, just reply to this mail with “No” in the subject line. And as always, we invite your comments, critique and ideas for how WGI serves you!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

 WGI Email Newsletter sent to members July 10, 2006

Waterlily Beauty Contest

Not only is Thailand's Pairat Songpanich an extremely talented hybridizer but he is also a meticulous record keeper and gifted photographer. He has treated Victoria-Adventure readers to several galleries illustrating the diverse results of offspring from a single hybridization.

Though Pairat has already selected several of these seedlings for naming (see New Introductions), others are quite beautiful and unique as well. Pairat invites WGI members select another one for naming! See this page for details –

We will announce the results in our next Update and on the WGI site.


Beginning in September, we will introduce three new features to the web site. Each month we will spotlight a water garden club, a botanic garden with aquatic displays, and a new waterlily. See this page to nominate the club, botanic garden with aquatic displays, and new waterlily you want us to feature --

In The News

Pondkeeper Magazine features WGI and our Truly Named waterlily certification program in its current issue.


Pondapalooza is a must attend for the trade July 28-August 3. Meet Alan Montour at the WGI booth and be sure to attend Charles Thomas’ compelling presentation “Waterlily Identity Theft: Turning the Tide” at 10:00 am August 2. This National Pond Expo & Conference will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Travel With Lilypons to France September 7-18. See fabulous and historic water gardens including Monet’s Giverny and Latour-Marliac’s nursery at Temple-sur-Lot, with time in Paris and the French Riviera.

Please write us any time with suggestions for how we can make WGI better for you!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members June 10, 2006

Well-known aquatic plant nurseryman Paul Stetson died June 3 at the age of 83. View or sign the Guest Book until it closes July 5.

We have not had a report from Bennetts Water Gardens but are sure that your letters will have a huge effect on the final outcome. Time Short for Threatened Garden!

With summer unofficially already going strong in the northern hemisphere, we want to remind you of some fabulous upcoming events.

Waterlily Days at Walderbach, Germany, takes place July 1 and 2, followed by a bus tour to Italy. Gesellschaft der Wassergarten-Freunde sponsors both.

The IWGS 2006 Symposium July 19-23 in Florida provides you the opportunity to meet many WGI members. The program includes visits to WGI members Dania Beach Water Gardens, McKee Botanical Garden, and Paradise, the oceanfront garden of Kit & Ben Knotts.

If you’re in the trade, you can’t miss Pondapalooza July 28-August 3. WGI Editor-in-Chief Charles Thomas will speak about our “Truly Named” waterlily certification program and Alan Montour will be at our booth in the trade show.

All summer long, you can see the gorgeous Charles Winch Collection at New Orleans Botanical Garden.

Of course, you can find these and many more regional events in the WGI Calendar.

We have nearly 600 members in 43 countries! Our Directory of Botanical Gardens with Aquatics Displays features 203 gardens in 58 countries, and our Directory of Water Garden Clubs lists 73 groups in 7 countries. Be sure to add your garden or club if it’s not yet listed! Not all are WGI members so please encourage them to join!

If you have misplaced your codes to access the Members Only section, write us. And as always, if you have ideas or suggestions for how WGI can serve you better, please let us know!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

 WGI Member Update sent May 10, 2006

Links are now open to
WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 1 Number 2
If you thought the debut issue was terrific, wait until you see this one! There's something for everyone -- spectacular new waterlilies and summer exhibitions, a whole new look at a legendary water gardening family, the world's coldest growing lotus, carnivores, what giant molecules are doing in a pond in Scotland, how-tos, regional reports, even a fish story from (who else) Duane Eaton in Texas.

WGI Makes News!

WGI and its members are making news in print as well as on line! Look for --

Ponds Magazine -- Rich Sacher writes about the Truly Named certification program.

Water Garden News reports the Truly Named Program.

Garden Writers of American Quill and Trowel reports WGI founding.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist features WGI member Larry Nau, his waterlilies and his amazing Hyacinth Project.

Il Giardino Fiorito features Victoria by WGI correspondent Alberto Grossi with images from members at Giardini La Mortella and Kit Knotts.

New books by WGI members --
Dieter Bechthold and Harro Hieronimus, Seerosen Blütenzauber im Gartenteich
Rich Sacher, Hybridizing Waterlilies: State of the Art
See New and News for details about both.

If you'd prefer not to receive these (more or less monthly) updates, reply to this mail with "no" in the subject line. If you have questions, comments or ideas for improving how WGI serves you, please write us!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Member Update sent April 7, 2006

WGI Membership is now over 400 Founding and Charter Members in 38 countries! Please remind friends, correspondents, clubs, and botanic gardens to join during the limited Charter enrollment period. The more members we have, the stronger our ripples in the Big Pond, and the more effectively we represent you.

While on statistics, in the month of March the WGI/V-A web sites exceeded one million hits, really notable as we are still approaching our peak months. Probably more significant is that there were nearly 250,000 page views and more than 62,000 user sessions.

Since our last Update, you will find new pages in the Pond Fish section and in For Beginners. Galleries from our Truly Named Certifying Members continue to expand. Directories of botanic gardens and clubs, as well as the calendar of events, are much more extensive. We welcome continued additions. Site content is growing rapidly so we have added a Site Map here - http://www.watergardenersinternational.org/site_map.html

WGI Goes to Pondapalooza!

The terrific National Pond Expo & Conference for the trade takes place July 28-August 3 and WGI will be there! Editor-in-Chief Charles B. Thomas will speak about our Truly Named Certification Program. If you would like to volunteer to help staff our booth, please write us at the address below for details. Pondapalooza takes place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center & The Westin Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Ponds Magazine Features WGI Members

The Spring issue of Ponds Magazine features Italian member Gianluca Bonomo and his delightful obsession with water gardening. Rich Sacher authors “Swap It Top Me”, some do’s and don’ts for your extra plants.

Please remember that your ideas, opinions and critique are always welcome. Write us!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members March 3, 2006

Lots of News!

Members overwhelmingly approved the three proposals put before you since our last WGI Update. We have proceeded with two of them and the third is in the works.

Truly Named WGI ©, our certification program, is ready to go.
We are accepting applications for both levels of membership.

WGI’s International Checklist of Waterlily Names is also ready. http://www.watergardenersinternational.org/checklist/intro.html
Hybridizers and introducers of new waterlilies may apply for full page inclusion in both the online and print versions.

Proposal #3 related to supporting, for now, tours and meetings already planned by others. As we find them, or they find us, we will make that information available to you.

You will find an extensive list of Water Garden Books here – http://www.watergardenersinternational.org/books.html
If you have additions, please write us!

If you haven’t yet read the WGI Journal Online, don’t miss this premier issue! Write us if you have misplaced your access codes as it is for members only.

Our listings of Clubs and Botanic Gardens with Aquatics Displays have been greatly expanded. They are linked from every page. You will soon find new sections for beginner water gardeners and about fish for your ponds. Other projects voted high priority in the first poll of members are in the works.

Between these more-or-less monthly email updates, you can check New & News, which is updated frequently.

If you would prefer not to receive these updates, reply to this mail with No in the subject line and we will remove you from the distribution list.

Please feel free to write us at any time with suggestions for making WGI better!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members February 11, 2006

Hi WGI Founding Members!

Here is your first Water Gardeners International Email Update. We are combining your desires, as you indicated in the voting that accompanied your membership application, for email notification of new issues under consideration and/or for an email newsletter. Expect an update monthly, more often if issues require your attention.

Not all of you answered these questions. If you would prefer not to receive the regular update, reply to this mail with “No” in the subject line and we will remove you from the distribution list.

The Members Exclusive section of the web site is now full of great pages. Probably the most exciting is the WGI Journal Online Volume 1 Number 1. Access it directly by clicking HERE.

You will also find the Founding Membership List, results of the first Members Poll and a new poll with several proposals for your consideration. Access these pages with the User Name and Password that we emailed in your membership confirmation. If you have misplaced them, write us at info@watergardenersinternational.org and we will provide them as quickly as possible.

New & News serves as our Online Newsletter and is updated regularly with issues and subjects we think interest water gardeners. It also announces new content on the WGI web site as well as on our partner site Victoria-Adventure.org.

Whenever you visit the web sites, be prepared to discover compelling and diverse pages, both new and updated. Some of them need your input!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with complaints, ideas, improvements. Thank you for joining WGI! We trust that it will serve you well.

Kit Knotts
Executive Director 

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