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Adams, Laura
  The Koi and Water Garden Club of North Texas Saves Leonhardt Lagoon Vol. 2.3 
Agrawal, KK
  Visit to Suman Nursery near Hapur, India Vol. 1.3  
War with the Weedlilies! Vol. 2.1
Nelumbo Habitat Devastated in India Vol. 4.4
America, Alexis 
  Watercolors by Alexis America Vol. 3.4 
van Avondt, François
  Mammoth Victoria cruziana in Belgium Vol. 2.1 
Avishai, Michael
  Jerusalem Water Gardens Vol. 3.3 
Bailey, Nan
  Native Waterlilies at Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park, Queensland, Australia Vol. 1.4
Waterlilies of Normanton, Mayvale Station & Gum Hole Lagoon, Queensland Vol. 2.1
The Quest for Knowledge of Australian Natives Vol. 2.3 
Nan Bailey Knows and Grows N. nouchali Vol. 3.3
Bancroft, Laura
  The Great Lotus Experiment (Works) Vol. 4.3
Bechthold, Deiter
  Dieter Bechthold's Nymphaea 'Pattern Ruby' Vol. 1.2 
Belloisy, Louis 
  Growing Tropical Waterlily Seedlings in the Basement in Winter Vol. 1.1
Opening the Pond in Spring Vol. 1.2
Growing Out New Tropical Hybrids Vol. 1.3
More on Growing Tropical Waterlily Seedlings in the Basement Vol. 1.4
Basement Waterlilies Grow Up! Vol. 2.3
Summer Summary & Fall Shutdown - Or Lou Saves the Frogs! Vol. 2.4 
Biggs, Kathy
  Dragonflies at the Water Garden Vol. 4.2 
Part 1- Why Build a Pond for Wildlife? Vol. 4.4
Part 2 - How to Design the Wildlife Pond Vol. 5.1
Black, Carla 
  Building a Concrete Pond in Panamá Vol. 1.2
Gutter Fishing in Panamá's Western Highlands Vol. 1.3 
Heliconias That Like Wet Feet Vol. 1.4
Waiting for My First Lotus Blossom Vol. 2.1
Building Yet Another Concrete Pond Vol. 3.2
Brenner, Darin
  A Brook in New Zealand Vol. 3.2 
Brigante, Dave
  Go With What Works  Vol. 1.2
The Wild Wacky World of Variegated Water Plants Vol. 1.3
A widening array of versatile aquatic plants Color Me Summer! Vol. 1.4
Plants to improve Your Winter Reflection Vol. 2.1
The Moist Soil Garden Vol. 2.3
New Aquatic Plants from Oregon Vol. 2.3
Cobras Are Found in Oregon! Vol. 2.4 
Insects on Aquatic Plants Vol. 3.1
The surprising floral explosion of Camas Lilies Vol. 3.2
A Penchant for Papyrus Vol. 3.3
Beautiful Gardens with Water Features in Portland, Oregon USA Vol. 3.4
Portland Classical Chinese Garden | Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden | Portland Japanese Garden
Recyclable Nursery Plastic Vol. 4.1
Hardy Ferns for Ponds Vol. 4.3
Floating Islands at The Oregon Garden Vol. 4.4
Visit to the Aquatic Candy Store for Acorus - Sweet Flag Vol. 5.1
Calonje, Michael 
  Aquatic Palms & Cycads Galleries Vol. 1.1
Chong, Calvin 
  Royal Botanic Gardens, Hope, Jamaica Vol. 1.1 
Chukiatman, Primlarp Wasuwat
  The very unusual, the very double Nymphaea 'Jongkolnee' Vol. 1.1 
Nymphaea ‘Nangkwag' Vol. 1.2
Simple Characteristics for Identification of Ornamental Nymphaea Vol. 1.3
Key to Similarities and Differences between Tropical Waterlilies Vol. 1.4
Visit to Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Vol. 2.1
Review of the Waterlily in Thailand Vol. 4.3
Clifford, Pat
  Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Scotland UK, Propagation Areas Vol. 1.1
Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Scotland UK, Molecules Matter! Vol. 1.2 
Natural Insect Control in the Tropical Pond Vol. 1.3
The Cultivation of Victoria amazonica Sowerby in Northern Latitudes Vol. 1.4
PlantNetwork conference tour - Pools of Diversity, England Vol. 2.1
Gallery from Longstock Park Water Garden, England Vol. 2.1
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh's Victoria Visits Gardening Scotland Vol. 2.3
Lotus Tour of China Vol. 2.4
Report on the IWGS Symposium 2007 Vol. 3.1
Spirit Pervades the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Vol. 3.3
Season's End at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Vol. 3.4
Antique Illustrations of Victoria from the library of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Vol. 4.1
Scanning Electron Microscopy of Aquatics at RBGE Vol. 4.3
The Dirty Story - Pond Cleaning at RBGE Vol. 5.1
Coletti, Ted
  Tropical Fish in the Water Garden Vol. 4.2 
Creamer, Jamie
  Lotus: A New Crop for Alabama Vol. 5.1
Curtright, David
  Diminutive Nymphaeas and Their Place in the Hobby Vol. 3.3
The Prudent Use of Water for Ponds Vol. 4.1 
Darnowski, Doug 
  Carnivorous Plants For In and Around Your Water Garden Vol. 1.2 
Dawes, John 
  China Tackles the Water Hyacinth Vol. 2.4 
Water Hyacinth Claims More Victims in Africa Vol. 3.3
Dou Jian
  Victoria at Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen Vol. 1.3 
Eaton, Duane 
  Forming a Water Garden Club in Texas Vol. 1.1
How to Sponsor a Fish Sale, Texas Style Vol. 1.2
Texas Superstar water plants make for A Super Story! Vol. 2.1
Fell, Derek
  Derek Fell's Dipping Pool Vol. 1.4 Vol. 1.4 
The design philosophy behind Monet's Garden, Giverny Vol.4.3
Forsman, Soni 
  Marjorie McNeely Conservatory and Como Park, St. Paul, Minnesota Vol. 3.4 
Glaeser, John
  Planted aquariums indoors - Enchanted Realms Vol. 2.1 
Grigonis, Joyce
  A Dream Comes True for Water Gardener & Breast Cancer Battler Joyce Grigonis Vol. 1.3
The Birth of a Lotus Pond Vol. 1.4
Donation of N. 'Pink Ribbon' Honors Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Judy Zuk Vol. 3.1 
Grossi, Alberto 
  The Alure of Aponogeton distachyos Vol. 1.3 
Crinum campanulatum Vol. 2.1
The truly aquatic Crinum natans Vol. 3.1
Hellquist, C. Barre 
  Species Nymphaea of Australia Gallery Vol. 2.1 
Images of and Experience with N. nouchali Vol. 3.3
Hill, Deborah and Renee Stoops 
  The Oregon Garden Wetlands Vol. 1.1
Wetlands Research at The Oregon Garden Vol. 1.1 
Water Quality Research at The Oregon Garden Vol. 1.1
Barley Straw Algae Control Research Vol. 1.1
Hurtado, Alvaro
  The Huge Ponds of La Reunion, Antigua Country Club, Guatemala Vol. 2.4 
Jones, David, Larry Schokman & David Blake 
  The Kampong of the National Tropical Botanical Garden Gets Wet Vol. 2.4 
Jung, Jaewon 
  Paintings and Engravings by Jaewon Jung Vol. 3.3 
Kacalanos, Peter
  A Water Garden Club in the Mountains of Switzerland Vol. 1.3
Turtles Can Live in Peace with Goldfish (With waterlilies too?) Vol. 1.4
A Homemade Biological Filter Vol. 2.3
Gourmet Guide to Healthful Fish Foods from your Kitchen Vol. 2.4  
Kenny, Kevin 
  The Samaan Grove Wetland System Vol. 2.2 
Khoo, Kenneth
  Eco-friendly Tropical Spice Garden, Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia Vol. 4.1 
Kilbane, Tamara
  2008 Water Gardening at Sarah P. Duke Gardens, North Carolina USA Vol. 4.1 
Knotts, Kit & Ben
  There's No Such Thing as an Offseason! Vol. 1.1
Winch Collection at New Orleans Botanical Garden - A Summer Spectacular! Vol. 1.2
Web Journal of Assembling the Winch Collection & Repotting Illustrated Vol. 1.2
The Legacy of William Tricker Vol. 1.2
Gallery of Plates from The Water Garden by William Tricker 1897 Vol. 1.2
A Rare and Unusual Victoria amazonica, White the Second Night Vol. 1.4
Victoria flowers - first and second night the SAME night - Split Personality Vol. 2.1
Australians in Cultivation Vol. 2.1
The Nymphaea subgenus Anecphya x subgenus Brachyceras Hybrids Vol. 3.1
The Miniature Tropical Species of Nymphaea, Vol. 3.3
Are the White Ones good for Victoria amazonica? Vol. 4.4
Leach, Charles & Ruth
  An Experiment to Save Energy with Mini-Heaters Part 1 Vol. 2.4
An Experiment to Save Energy with Mini-Heaters Part 2 Vol. 3.1
Experiment to Save Energy with Mini-Heaters Part 3 Vol. 3.2
Alternatives to Invasive Water and Bog Garden Plants Vol. 4.1 
Native alternatives to invasive plants - Boltonia decurrens (False Aster) Vol. 4.3
Native alternatives to invasive plants - Nymphoides cordata (Water Snowflake) Vol. 5.1
Leighton, Dan
  Dan Leighton Looks After Kew's Water Lily House Vol. 2.3 
Leu, Andre
  Andre Leu Discusses the Australian Nymphaea nouchali Vol. 3.3
Li Shu-Juan
  The Breathtaking Nelumbo Collection of Xi'an Botanical Garden Vol. 2.4 
Victoria 'Longwood Hybrid' at Xi'an Botanical Garden of China Vol. 3.4
Magdalena, Carlos
  Carlos Magdalena Revitalizes the Aquatics Collection at RBG Kew Vol. 2.3
Repatriating Plants to the Republic of Mauritius Vol. 2.3
Carlos Magdalena Grows Both Miniature Tropical Waterlily Species
and writes about status, cultivation, and his method of sowing seeds Vol. 3.3
Carlos Magdalena's Magical Miniatures Vol. 3.3 
More Intersubgeneric Magic from Carlos Magdalena Vol. 3.4
The World's First Hybrid between Day Bloomer and Night Bloomer Vol. 4.1
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew on the Occasion of its 250th Anniversary Vol. 4.3
The World's Tiniest Waterlily doesn't grow in water - Nymphaea thermarum Vol. 4.4
New Species and Hybrids for RBG Kew Vol. 4.4
Martin, Leo
  Challenges (with tips for over-wintering favorite tropical waterlilies indoors) Vol. 1.1 
Spring Pond Activities Vol. 1.2
"How to" build a pond with - Fiberglass Forever! Vol. 1.4
Matson, Tim
  What Ponds Do and How They Benefit You Vol. 2.1 
Molina, Fernando
  The Aquaparque, Mérida, Yucatán, México Vol. 3.1 
Monteverde, Jorge
  Wetland Wonders of the World - Discover Ramsar Sites near you! Vol. 2.3 
The Origins of Viviparism in Waterlilies Vol. 4.2
Update to “Wetland Wonders of the World” Vol. 4.4
Moyroud, Richard
  Can I interest you in some Florida swampland? - An in-depth look at swamps Vol. 1.4 
Nijman, Alexander
  The World's Coldest Growing Lotus, Russia's Nelumbo komarovii Vol. 1.2 
Noonan, Paul
  Euryale ferox - What an Extremely Strange Life Form! Vol. 3.2
Nozaic, Ivan
  Ivan Nozaic Discovers Nymphaea minuta - his personal account Vol. 3.3
Orozco-Obando, Warner, Ken Tilt & Bernice Fischman 
  Is Lotus an Ornamental Plant or a Vegetable? Yes! Vol. 4.2 
Pagels, Walter
  Walter Pagels is "Johnny Appleseed" of N. minuta
and explores the nomenclature of N. nouchali Vol. 3.3 
du Plessis, Johan
  The sea of lotuses at Honghu Park, Shenzhen, China Vol. 2.3 
Police, Joel 
  Green Friendly Pond Installation SAVES WATER! Vol. 4.1 
Ponzio, Peter
  Finnage in Goldfish Vol. 4.2 
Goldfish Varieties Defined Vol. 4.3
Prentice, Jeremy
  A New Raingarden for the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Vol. 3.1 
Three Blokes, Three States, a Foolhardy Bet (what Victoria and beer have in common) Vol. 4.2
New life for an old feature: Guilfoyle’s Volcano, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Vol. 5.1
Presnell, Craig
  Growing the Winch Collection from Tuber & Tuber Propagation Illustrated Vol. 1.2
Garden helpers are not what you might expect - Rural Gardeners Vol. 3.2
Three Unusual and Interesting New Marginal Plants Vol. 4.2 
Missouri Botanical Garden Celebrates its 150th Anniversary Vol. 4.3
An in depth look at the intrigue of Nymphaea prolifera Vol. 4.3
Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) Butterfly Vol. 4.4
Tantalizing Tropical Marginals Vol. 5.1
van Proosdij, André S.J.
  Growing Victoria Outdoors at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Vol. 1.3 
Protopapas, Andreas
  How Three New Hardy Waterlilies from Andreas Protopapas Got Their Names Vol. 1.1 
Pullen, Noelene
  Noelene Pullen on Kew, Carlos and Charles Winch Vol. 2.3 
Pylant, Don
  Restoring the Lily Ponds, Japanese Tea Garden of the Sunken Gardens, Chapter 1, Brackenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas Vol. 3.1
Grand Re-opening of the Japanese Tea Garden, Brackenridge Park Vol. 3.2 
Ribero, Tonchi
  What are the World Record Sized La Rinconada, Bolivia, Victorias? Vol. 1.1
Original Collection Site of La Rinconada, Bolivia, Victorias Vol. 1.1 
Sacher, Rich 
  Parasites, Pathogens, and Problem Plants Vol. 1.1
New Orleans Botanical Garden Before Katrina, Soon After, and Spring 2006 Vol. 1.2 
Get Yourself into Hot Water! (starting waterlilies in) Vol. 1.2
Waterlily Soils, Fertilizers, and Pots Vol. 1.3
Common myths -- Not Necessarily So! Vol. 2.2
Creating New Tropical Waterlilies Vol. 2.3
The Nursery and Hybrids of Chaiyapon "Chaipol" Tamasuwan Vol. 2.4
The Princess and Dr. Ding-a-Ling Vol. 2.4
Lusty Li'l Nymphaea minuta Vol. 3.1
Terrestrial Plants for the Pond Vol. 3.2
Rich Sacher's Hybrids with Nymphaea minuta Vol. 3.3
Fasciation, "Witch's Broom", in Tropical Waterlilies Vol. 3.4
Water Features for Small Gardens Vol. 4.1
Factors Affecting Color in Waterlily Flowers Vol. 4.2
Waterlily Dilemma - Day bloomer? Night bloomer? Both? Vol. 4.3
Dividing and Sharing Aquatic Plants Vol. 4.4
Experiments in Dwarfing Waterlilies Vol.5.1
Santos, Fernando
  A Sweet Treat from Tropical America, English | Spanish Vol. 1.1 
Journey to the Lost World, Roraima Tepui Vol. 2.1
Schreiber, Dan
  The Artistry of Lotus Vol. 4.4
da Silva, Bernardette 
  Inspiration from the Garden - The Art of Bernardette da Silva Vol. 1.4 
Silva, Bruno Rezende, Yara Britto, Luisa Maria Rocha 
  Victoria amazonica at the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens English | Português Vol. 1.2 
Silva, Bruno Rezende & Felipe de Araújo Pinto Sobrinho
  Notes on Echinodorus macrophyllus Vol. 2.2 
Smith, David & Carlos Magdalena
  Waterlily Displays 2009 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 
Songpanich, Pairat
  Nymphaea 'Pink Ribbon' Vol. 1.3 
Flowering Habits of Hardy Waterlilies in the Tropics Vol. 2.1
Should Nymphaea mexicana be Pod or Pollen Parent? Vol. 2.2
Thai Hybridized Waterlily Competition 2007 Vol. 2.3
Amazing World Lotus & Waterlily Photo Contest 2007 Vol. 2.3 
Hybrids of a Reciprocal Cross Vol. 3.1
Hybrids of a Reciprocal Cross Example 2 Vol. 3.2
Nymphaea 'Siam Blue Hardy' - The World's First Blue Hardy Waterlily Vol. 3.2
The Quest for a Blue Hardy - The Historical Perspective Vol. 3.2
Hybrids of a Reciprocal Cross Example 3 Vol. 3.3
The Stunning Siblings of 'Siam Blue Hardy' - Hardy x tropical Vol. 3.4
Viviparity in the Hardy Waterlily Vol. 4.1
Hardy Waterlily Hybridization Vol. 4.4
Spindola, Pam
  The AKCA 2006 Seminar Pond Tour Vol. 1.3 
Koi and Waterlilies Live Happily with Raydell Bobst Vol. 1.4
The how and where of Buying Koi Vol. 2.3
Polyurea Elastomer Spray Pond Liners Vol. 3.1
The Koi Pond in Spring Vol. 3.2
All Koi Are Not Created Equal! Vol. 3.4
Identify the many varieties of Koi - Sanke Vol. 4.1
2009 AKoiCA Seminar Pond Tour Vol. 4.2
Koi Varieties - Showa Vol. 4.3
Koi Varieties - Utsurimono – Shiro, Hi, and Ki Utsuri Vol. 4.4
A Journey of the Spirit to Japan Vol. 5.1
Steeves, Janice Mason
  Travels the world in search of beauty to inspire her paintings -
Introduction and Index Vol. 4.2
Lotus Series Gallery | Evening on the Lake of Dreams Gallery and Myth | Mudan Series Gallery 
Stroupe, Steve
  Hymenocallis coronaria - Spider Lilies Writ Large Vol. 3.4 
Fertilizing Waterlilies, One Grower's Perspective Vol. 4.3
Aquatic Plant CSI - A sick pond in Texas Vol. 4.4
Aquatic Plant CSI Epilog (or Dead Sea II) Vol. 5.1
Summers, Joe 
  Did You See Your Shadow? Vol. 1.1
The Early Bird Gets the Worm Vol. 1.2
Jewels of the Pond Vol. 1.3
Checklist of essential pond projects When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall Vol. 1.4 
Ice Sculptures Vol. 2.1
Swindells, Philip
  News from Australia Vol. 1.1, Vol. 1.2, Vol. 1.3 
Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Australia Vol. 1.1
Australian Roundup, Big Koi News Developing Vol. 1.3
Thiele, James & Dr. Jordon Steele 
  Nelumbo nucifera 'Bali Red' Vol. 1.4 
Thomas, Charles B. 
  First Edition Vol. 1.1
Water Gardeners International = Water Garden Friends Vol. 1.2
WGI Listens, Addresses, and Champions Vol. 1.3
Water Gardeners International = Water Garden Innovations Vol. 1.4
Looking Back, Looking Forward Vol. 2.1
Wetlands - Wastelands or Worth-lands? Vol. 2.2
Why Belong to WGI? Vol. 2.3
Waterlily Warfare Vol. 2.4
Celebrating Silver Vol. 3.1
Dreams Come True Vol. 3.2
Waterlily Truth or Consequences Vol. 3.3
What Can You Do? Vol. 3.4 
Water Gardens Going Green Vol. 4.1
Keeping Promises Vol. 4.2
The Impact of Legendary Water Gardens Vol. 4.3
Spreading the Word Vol. 4.4
WGI's Global Reach Vol. 5.1
Tian, Daike 
  The Versatile and Valuable Lotus Vol. 3.4
Experiments with Lotus Propagation Vol. 3.4
Container Production and Post-harvest Handling of Lotus (Nelumbo). Abstract Vol. 3.4
Nelumbo Image Gallery by Daike Tian Vol. 3.4 
Tilt, Dr. Ken, Warner Orozco-Obando, C.J. McGrath, and Bernice Fischman
  Auburn Lotus Project: Passionate Plant People Unite with a Common Vision Vol. 4.3
Tomocik, Joe
  Joe Tomocik's Diary of a Professional Water Gardener Chapter 1 Vol. 2.2
Diary of a Professional Water Gardener Chapter 2 Vol. 2.3
Diary of a Professional Water Gardener Chapter 3 Vol. 2.4
Diary of a Professional Water Gardener Chapter 4 Vol. 3.1
Diary of a Professional Water Gardener Chapter 5 Vol. 3.2
Diary of a Professional Water Gardener Chapter 6 Vol. 4.1 
Diary of a Professional Water Gardener Chapter 7 Vol. 4.3
Veasey, Nick
  The X-ray Art of Nick Veasey Vol. 3.2 
Veler, Ana
  Nymphaea lotus up north, naturally (Romania) Vol. 3.4 
van der Walt, Pieter
  The Louisiana Irises Are Blooming in South Africa! Vol. 1.4
Nymphaea capensis in situ, Limpopo Province, South Africa Vol. 3.2
Wasuwat, Slearmlarp
  Awakening Thai Lotuses Vol. 5.1 
Wiersema, John 
  The Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Nymphaea nouchali Vol. 3.3

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