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 From Editor-in-Chief
Charles B. Thomas

Keeping Promises

Our February 2006 welcome message promised that this Journal would feature “what’s new or newly discovered.” Since then over 2,100 WGI members in 73 countries have been reading an exciting stream of newsworthy articles. The amazing cover story in the last issue, The World's First Hybrid between Day Bloomer and Night Bloomer Nymphaea ‘Kew's Electric Indigo’, exemplifies this promise.

We pledged to deliver articles by “water gardener contributors, amateurs through to professionals, from around the globe sharing what they’ve learned from personal experience and research.” This issue names 76 of them from 26 diverse nations.

As requested in our first editorial, we still say to “please tell this editor if you ever spot an inaccuracy in a (Journal) story. Necessary corrections will be published so that readers are fully and accurately informed. We aim to disseminate the most interesting, accurate, and helpful information possible.” Here you are reading the fourteenth edition fulfilling this promised aim.

That initial editorial also commented, “On another level the art of water gardening allows for opinion. People have different opinions, even conflicting opinions, on the subject. Yet more than one opinion may be right depending on a particular time, location, conditions, and/or situation.” In this issue’s Factors Affecting Color in Waterlily Flowers, Rich Sacher capably accounts for inevitable color differences, not only in flowers, but in pads and stems, too.

Responding to a 2006 survey, members identified untruthful waterlily labels as their greatest water garden problem for WGI to solve. Today our Truly Named suppliers across Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America sell waterlilies whose labels buyers trust. This innovation for guaranteed-truthful waterlily labels is keeping a significant promise!

WGI continues to support “the outstanding work being accomplished daily by an array of water garden organizations. We aim to complement their efforts, and in no way plan to compete with them.” WGI publicizes over 100 clubs. Please tell us if you do not find your water garden club included.

This year Victoria-Adventure and Water Gardeners International (jointly attracting over 1,000,000 hits monthly) announced the “Greening the Planet One Pond at a Time” program. Captivating articles like the current Dragonflies at the Water Garden support this initiative.

Still true: “the important thing to remember is that WGI, including its Journal, is you, and it’s here to serve you. We earnestly encourage your active participation, both to read and to contribute your thoughts.”

WGI promises you plenty. WGI keeps its promises!


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