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 From Editor-in-Chief
Charles B. Thomas

What Can You Do?

Intriguing articles that you find in the Journal come from 66 thoughtful contributors sharing their remarkable water garden experiences. This issue includes compelling articles from writers in China, Romania, Thailand, UK, and US for inquisitive WGI members in 73 countries.

As implied by your reading this editorial, you probably search the nooks and crannies of the WGI and Victoria-Adventure sites. You appreciate the wealth of reliable and useful information on the two extraordinary partner sites. Moreover, you probably hope that many other like-minded people benefit from the valuable articles; you want to spread the good news of WGI.

What can you do for WGI?

1. Write about your water garden experience(s). Or simply send us the facts and pictures. We'll write it for you.

2. Ask questions about our articles.

3. Comment on our articles. Your opinions are welcome!

4. Suggest topics for our articles. We aim to explore topics that most interest you.

5. Tell your friends about WGI so they, like you, may join WGI and access the Journal.

6. Propose that your water garden club join WGI. We list member Clubs with their distinctive logos and post their activities on the Events Calendar. Publicity chairs, take note!

7. Acquire your waterlilies from Truly Named sources to guarantee that every one you buy is true-to-name. Urge friends to do likewise. Consumers who demand truthful labels can make a difference in favor of truth in labeling.

WGI and partner V-A depend 100% on volunteers for everything you see on our extensive water garden sites, as well as off-site projects that aren't as visible.

Our sites sell no ads. Your email address remains secure with us. We never rent or sell it. WGI members freely contribute everything you see on our sites, coordinated and artistically arranged by tireless Kit Knotts, publisher and executive director. We have no payroll, no dues.

Your participation in any of the above seven opportunities would help make WGI/V-A an even more powerful force benefiting water gardeners like you.

What you can do?


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