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Charles B. Thomas

Dreams Come True

Generations of water gardeners have dreamed of blue hardy waterlilies. WGI Founding Member Pairat Songpanich of Thailand has made that dream come true with his amazing Nymphaea 'Siam Blue Hardy'. WGI heartily congratulates him.

Via the internet, WGI Online Journal announces his extraordinary achievement. Enthusiasts everywhere want to be the first to see and grow it; but remember that it takes several years to propagate sufficient stock before it becomes readily available.

Significantly, Pairat provides scientific proof (both morphological markers and DNA testing) of his amazing feat in our cover article. He promises more details will follow for Journal readers.

Pairat's long-awaited introduction suggests a new dream, one likely to come true. Instead of a blue hardy, water gardeners may now dream of a wide assortment of blue hardies! Expect 'Siam Blue Hardy' to renew hybridizers' efforts to create more blue hardy varieties.

This Journal issue reveals how other WGI members are making dreams come true, too. Darin Brenner re-creates a New Zealand brook to the delight of its owners. Paul Noonan with Kit Knotts shares innovative techniques for successfully growing Euryale ferox. Joe Tomocik, Sarada Krishnan, and the Colorado Water Garden Society continue to enhance Denver Botanic Gardens as a matchless dreamland for water gardeners.

A long-elusive and now-realized dream is a comprehensive source of reliable water gardening information freely available to all. The WGI/VA partner sites fulfill this dream with an extensive collection of water gardening material attracting over 1,000,000 hits monthly. I have searched widely and cannot find any source that comes close to matching what you find here.

Look through previous Journals (staffed with 55 writers in 23 countries) and the steady stream of compelling articles on the WGI/VA sites. You quickly discover fascinating and helpful information from knowledgeable writers offering original material dedicated to making dreams come true for water gardeners.

How about recommending WGI to your water gardening friends? Tell them how easy it is to join with over 1,700 water gardeners in 70 countries to enjoy WGI benefits and it's free! Help them make their water garden dreams come true.


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