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Celebrating Silver

In 1983, John and Mary Mirgon, encouraged by Joe Tomocik, led others to form the Colorado Water Garden Society, the first such society ever. This year CWGS celebrates its Silver Anniversary. Though John Mirgon passed away in 2005, Mary Mirgon is an active WGI member, and Joe Tomocik, Curator of Water Gardens at Denver Botanic Gardens, is a regular WGI Online columnist.

Do you remember water gardening 25 years ago?

Few US retailers offered water garden products. When found, the offerings were generally scant. Magazines rarely published water garden information. Occasionally a publisher released a water garden book. Too often botanic gardens relegated aquatic collections to a low priority status. It was not easy to find anyone who could discuss waterlilies. Water garden clubs did not exist. No organization focused on waterlily identification.

Today countless nurseries and garden centers offer a wide assortment of aquatic plants. Garden magazines regularly feature water garden articles. New waterlily books appear every year. Botanic gardens vie to outdo each other with properly identified aquatic displays. Nowadays you can easily find someone who enjoys discussing waterlilies. WGI lists 136 clubs in eight countries. Many of them offer helpful web sites.

CWGS, a founding member of WGI, blazed the way for all who follow. Always a leader in innovative ways for a club to serve its members and its community, it has an incomparable partnership with Denver Botanic Gardens.

Current CWGS President Vicki Aber tells us that the Water Blossom Festival, July 26 and 27, 2008, is to be the highlight of their Silver Anniversary celebration. Look for coverage here!

What a difference 25 years makes! Our congratulations to CWGS on this milestone.


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