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Charles B. Thomas

Why Belong to WGI?

Why do water gardeners belong to an organization?

Not being a philosopher or psychologist, I answer simply and explicitly:

The organization fulfills needs or wishes on water garden topics. Specifically, they look for the topics named in colorful blocks at the bottom of this page.

Exploring the WGI/V-A websites, you quickly discover in-depth coverage of all of the topics. It takes thousands of pages to contain all of them.

Many WGI pages are open to everyone. However, only WGI members are allowed in the Members Only pages including the always-absorbing WGI Journal. Each issue is full of exclusive stories you'll find nowhere else.

For example, in this Journal issue Carlos Magdalena reveals how he is revitalizing the renowned aquatics collection at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He describes his exciting four-week adventure in remote Mauritius tracking down certain endangered plant species while repatriating others from Kew. Might Carlos be the person to discover the long-missing African yellow tropical waterlily (if any specimen survives)?

Jorge Monteverde follows our last issue's Kevin Kenny story about the Samaan Grove constructed wetland with one (in English and Spanish) about saving natural wetland wonders of the world through the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Esteemed waterlily hybridizer Rich Sacher contributes the fascinating paper he delivered to 170 attendees at the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society's Bangkok Symposium in July. Read the entire paper here; refer back to it whenever you wish.

AKCA Certified Judge Pam Spindola shares her tips for selecting the best koi. Again, read it here; refer again to it at will.

Most of us anxiously await sparkling new aquatic introductions. Find out the new ones Dave Brigante has for us.

These and an endless stream of captivating Journal stories justify belonging to WGI.

An old, long-term problem plaguing water gardening is misnamed (intentionally or carelessly) waterlilies. Leading dealers on four continents participate in WGI's successful Truly Named program, guaranteeing truth-in-labeling on waterlilies. Belonging to WGI and supporting Truly Named vendors helps to correct the waterlily-identity-theft problem.

New members join WGI daily. Tell your water gardening friends (active and prospective) about free WGI membership benefits. Urge them to join now so they may benefit from all that WGI offers, especially its Journal.

For water gardeners who do belong, WGI positively fulfills needs and wishes.


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