WGI's Waterlily Contest Winner Named
Nymphaea 'Pink Ribbon'

by Kit Knotts and Charles B. Thomas
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Our world faces challenging concerns far more serious than water gardening, one of which is cancer. We consider it a singular privilege when the opportunity presents itself to contribute something from our aquatic realm of the planet to help conquer a universal threat.

Specifically, we are talking about the spectacular Waterlily Beauty Contest winner, Joyce Grigonis' idea of naming it, and enlisting it in the struggle to conquer breast cancer.

In recent months, Victoria-Adventure readers have greatly enjoyed galleries by gifted Thai hybridizer Pairat Songpanich. His galleries illustrate the diversity of hardy waterlily seedlings resulting from particular crosses. They also demonstrate Pairat's skill as a photographer and record keeper. (Gallery A | Gallery B)

With so many truly beautiful seedlings deserving of individual attention, WGI and Pairat decided to sponsor a contest to select one of them for naming. Pairat has only named two, those being Nymphaea 'Tanpong', Gallery A, Number 15 and N. 'Supranee Pink', Gallery B, Number 1. 

N. 'Tanpong'

Joyce Grigonis
Soon after the voting opened, Joyce Grigonis, WGI member from Peconic, New York, cast her ballot. A talented artist, photographer and pond designer, Joyce is battling breast cancer. She wistfully wrote after making her selection from the seedlings, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if a waterlily could be named in support of breast cancer awareness?" 

 Pairat Songpanich
Photo by Tan-khwan Songpanich

Upon hearing this, Pairat immediately agreed to name the contest winner Nymphaea 'Pink Ribbon'. It is fitting that the winner, Gallery B Number 18, features a clear, brilliant pink exactly matching the shade of pink ribbons that so many supporters of breast cancer awareness wear and display.

Complete contest results are reported in the Members Only Section.

Pairat Songpanich lives in Nonthaburi, Thailand, and works with the Rubber Research Institute, Thai Department of Agriculture, in Bangkok. His mentor in waterlily hybridizing is legendary Dr. Slearmlarp Wasuwat.

Though definitive plans are incomplete, Pairat and WGI envision that N. 'Pink Ribbon' will be offered for sale through Truly Named Members worldwide, with a portion of proceeds contributed to breast cancer charities.  

Introducing Nymphaea 'Pink Ribbon'


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