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A Visit to Suman Nursery
near Hapur, India

by KK Agrawal - Click images to enlarge

I learned that a certain nursery in Hapur had imported waterlilies from Bangkok. Hapur is about 300 km away from my home in Jaipur. These days the temperature over here touches 42-43°C (108-109°F) in the daytime and therefore I chose a cooler day to go there and see the imported lilies. After about an hour's search near Hapur, I found Suman Nursery and its collection of waterlilies.  

< The main pond is typical of Indian ponds in that they put a hedge along the edge to keep the children away!

The nursery was on the main national highway. The first glimpse of the entry suggested that it was a well maintained nursery. I enquired about the waterlilies and the ownership. I had a great surprise when I learned that the owner, Dr. Surender Singh, was already my cactus friend and had visited my place a few times looking for succulents. After about half an hour, he arrived from Hapur and we had a great time discussing all sort of plants.
As usual, I photographed whatever I could as a record. Here I am sharing a few pictures which I think members would like to see. There were about 15-20 varieties of waterlily but the condition of the plants was not that good. It may be that the growers are new to this. In my opinion, the plant containers that they had built were too shallow and become hot during the day when the temperatures reach 40°C (104°F).

Other aquatic plants were growing here and there, very nicely displaying their colored leaves and flowers. Some plants I was seeing for the first time.  


< In this pond the depth was OK
but identification of the plants
was nowhere was to be seen.

^ Close up of two varieties >

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