Dou Jian

Raising Victoria for the first time at an important botanical garden doesn't daunt this dedicated grower! 

Victoria at Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen

by Dou Jian - Click images to enlarge

My name is Dou Jian and I work in the Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen. Our garden has planted Victoria cruziana since 1985. This year I became the new Victoria grower and found your website. It helps me a lot!

To me, this job is not easy. We did not get mature seeds in 2005. We obtained 50 V. amazonica seeds from Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden (in a tropical area in southern China, where I studied three years for my masters degree). By March 2006, four V. amazonica seedlings had survived and this inspired me.

We got 50 V. cruziana seeds from another place and started trying to germinate them in late February. Even though we had a low degree of germination, we grew six babies in the greenhouse until May 20, when we planted them in the pools outside. It is my first year to do this and we are all excited! We waited eagerly for them to bloom. The first flowers opened 40 days after we put them outside. 

Our first flower
As noted by other Victoria growers,
these flowers only partially opened
the first night.





We think that adequate sunshine is very important in all growth stages. We also think V. cruziana likes fertilization very much. Our plants were fertilized four times in the first six weeks they were outside with nutrients from fermented soybeans.

Colleagues Tu Yueqiang and Dou Jian

Tu Yueqiang's daughter Hanhan, which in Chinese means
quiet, lovely, versatile

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