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Central America

Panamá is legendary for its big game fishing but Carla
and Angel show us a slightly different version of the sport. 

Gutter Fishing in Panamá's Western Highlands

by Carla Black and Angel Rodriguez, Volcán, Chiriquí, República de Panamá
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Some people visit Panamá for spectacular deep-sea fishing and dream of the greatest prize of all: snagging a marlin. Some of us who live here are content with more modest fishing expeditions.

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We wanted to increase the population and diversity of fish in our three ponds, which were stocked exclusively with goldfish. 

A green-backed heron has been putting a dent in the goldfish population, or at least in the population of surface-swimming fish. 

Also, we recently set up the temporary waterlily nursery and needed protection from mosquitoes.

So we went gutter fishing on the edge of town.



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