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 In This Issue

 Cover Story - Exclusive Charles Winch Waterlily Collection at New Orleans Botanical Garden Creates a Summer Spectacular!

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Growing the Winch Collection from Tuber
& Tuber Propagation Illustrated
by Craig Presnell

Web Journal of Assembling the Winch Collection
& Repotting Illustrated
by Kit Knotts

NOBG Before Katrina, Soon After, and Spring 2006
by NOBG photographers and Rich Sacher


Three generations of expert plantsmen contribute to
The Legacy of William Tricker
by Kit Knotts with Jim Lawrie

Gallery of Plates from The Water Garden
by William Tricker 1897

  Saving the World's
Coldest Growing Lotus
Russia's Nelumbo komarovii
by Alexander Nijman 
  These plants may sound a little dangerous
but they have a charm all their own!
Carnivorous Plants
For In and Around Your Water Garden

by Doug Darnowski
  Notes on Victoria amazonica (Poepp.) J.E. Sowerby
at the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens
| Português
by Bruno Rezende Silva, Yara Britto, Luisa Maria Rocha

New Plants (and a New Book!)

Dieter Bechthold's Nymphaea 'Pattern Ruby'
and with Harro Hieronimus
Seerosen, Blütenzauber im Gartenteich

  From Around the World  
  Kudos to a couple of waterlily nurseries, gorgeous new Iris,
native species news, a celebration, and what a toad will get you
are all part of --
Australian Roundup by Philip Swindells 
  The mild climate and skilled labor offer opportunities for -
Building a Concrete Pond in Panamá
by Carla Black, Volcán, Chiriquí, República de Panamá


The untold story of the strangely beautiful
Nymphaea ‘Nangkwag'
by Primlarp Wasuwat Chukiatman


United Kingdom, Scotland

What is that in the pond at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh?
Molecules Matter! (as long as they're not taking the space of the rapidly growing Victorias)
by Pat Clifford, Senior Horticulturist, RBGE

  United States 


It's that time again! Louis Belloisy shares the aches, pains and joys of
Opening My Pond in Spring


North Central

The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Marsh marigold and water hawthorne announce the arrival of spring!
by Joe Summers, St. Louis, Missouri
Mel Jackson photos



Native ornamental aquatics and tried and true performers top the list in the Pacific Wonderland of Willamette Valley!
Go With What Works
by Dave Brigante, Tualatin, Oregon



Get your pond ready for a long and rewarding summer -
Spring Pond Activities
by Leo Martin, Phoenix, Arizona


South Central 

Count on San Antonio's Duane Eaton to tell us a fish story!
How to Sponsor a Fish Sale, Texas Style



For quick success with waterlily seeds, tubers and Victoria --
Get Yourself into Hot Water!
by Rich Sacher, New Orleans, Louisiana

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    Luzmila (Chiqui ) Arroyo, Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff M.
Tonchi Ribero
  Dr. Xiaobao Jin, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
    Andreas Protopapas 
    Barbara Davies 
    Dieter Bechthold 
    KK Agrawal 
    Alberto Grossi 
  The Netherlands 
    Alexander Nijman 
    Carla Black
    Primlarp Wasuwat Chukiatman 
  United Kingdom
    Pat Clifford, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotland 
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North Central - Doug Darnowski, Indiana
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