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The Oregon Garden
This young botanic garden's exciting and surprisingly ornamental wetland plant communities perform a vital public service for the residents of Silverton, Oregon. It’s part of their city wastewater treatment process!
The Oregon Garden Wetlands
Wetland Research | Water Quality Research
Barley Straw Algae Control Research
La Rinconada, Bolivia, Victorias
are world record size, but what are they? Could they be natural hybrids?
Comparison of La Rinconada Plants to Both Species
Tonchi Ribero, Chiqui Arroyo and Raul Ortuño trek to the central Bolivian Original Collection Site
  Michael Calonje, of the Dolmetsch Arboretum in Cali, Colombia, is among the world's leading experts on palms, including aquatic ones.
Aquatic Palms & Cycads Galleries
(These galleries complement "Introducing Aquatic Palms" by Jorge Monteverde.)
  New Plants
Three dazzling new hardy waterlily introductions from Andreas Protopapas, Cyprus, and fascinating history that led to their naming.
  Pond Care
Ways to keep your pond free of
Parasites, Pathogens, and Problem Plants
by Rich Sacher, Louisiana USA 
  From Around the World  
  Philip's upside-down "transplantation" from the UK to Australia, concerns about defining natives and invasive aliens, and exciting new plans for historic Adelaide Botanic Gardens.
Australian Roundup by Philip Swindells

Central America & the Caribbean

There's new hope for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Hope
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies
by Calvin Chong  


South America

OK, it doesn't grow in water but who can resist?
A Sweet Treat from Tropical America
| Spanish
by Fernando Santos, Venezuela 



The very unusual, the very double
Nymphaea 'Jongkolnee'
by Primlarp Wasuwat Chukiatman


United Kingdom

Baby, it's cold outside! But not inside! A peek inside the
Propagation Areas at the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Images by Pat Clifford, Senior Horticulturist

  United States 


Living in northern Connecticut doesn't dampen Lou Belloisy's passion for tropical waterlilies, even in the dead of winter! Here's how he does it.
Growing Tropical Waterlily Seedlings
in The Basement
by Lou Belloisy


North Central

Joe Summers, Missouri, shares reasons why having a cold winter
can be good for your pond!
Did You See Your Shadow?



Summers can be blazing, but pleasantly mild winters do offer
Challenges (with tips for over-wintering favorite
tropical waterlilies indoors)

by Leo Martin, Phoenix, Arizona


South Central

As a founder of the Water Garden Club of South Texas, Duane Eaton, San Antonio, knows all the nuts and bolts of
Forming a Water Garden Club



If you live on the coast of Florida, at the upper tip of USDA Zone 10b,
There's No Such Thing as an Offseason!
by Kit and Ben Knotts 

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    Luzmila (Chiqui ) Arroyo, Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff M.
Tonchi Ribero
  Sean Stevens, British Columbia 
  Dr. Xiaobao Jin, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
    Michael Colonje, Dolmetsch Arbortetum
    Andreas Protopapas 
    Barbara Davies 
    KK Agrawal 
    Alberto Grossi 
  Calvin Chong
    Carla Black
    Primlarp Wasuwat Chukiatman 
  United Kingdom
    Pat Clifford, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotland 
  United States
    Northeast - Louis Belloisy, Connecticut
North Central - Joe Summers, Missouri
Northwest - Renee Stoops, Deborah Hill, The Oregon Garden
Southwest - Leo Martin, Arizona
South Central - Duane Eaton, Texas
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    Fernando Santos 

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