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 International Checklist



WGI International Checklist of

Nymphaea (Waterlily) Cultivars


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1) Cultivar Name (Epithet):

Nymphaea ‘Yellow Watermelon’


2) Hardy or tropical: Hardy                            3) Day or night bloomer: Day

4) Originator: Mike Giles                                5) Year of origin: 2006

            6) Address: Removed to protect privacy

                        West Virginia, USA


7) Nominant (Named by): Mike Giles

            8) Address (if different from above):


9) Introducer: Mike Giles

10) Address (if different from above):


11) Applicant: Mike Giles

12) Address (if different from above):


13) Phone:  14) Fax:  15) Email:  Removed to protect privacy


16) As far as you know, has this name been published in a dated publication together with a description?   No


17) If yes to 16, give details of the earliest publication (title, date, publisher, etc.):


18) Has this cultivar been granted Patent or Plant Breeders' Rights, or is it being sold under a trade designation other than the name used here?   No


19) If yes to any of the above, please give details:


20) Has a Standard been deposited in a recognized herbarium?   No


21) If yes, please give details (where, when deposited, etc.):





Parentage: Seed (maternal) parent: Known


Pollen (paternal) parent: Unknown


Please give following dimensions in centimeters.


Description ‑ Flower: Shape: Cup-star

Diameter: 15-20 cm.

            Sepal color, exterior: Light greenish yellow base grading to light yellow with a pink blush with green tips.

            Sepal color, interior: Light yellow with green blush near tips

            Sepal number: 4

            Petal color: Light yellow, slightly lighter than N. ‘Texas Dawn’

Petal number: 32-36

            Stamen: Filament color: Deep yellow orange

            Anther color: Deep yellow          

            Tip color: Deep yellow

            Pedicel (flower stalk) color: Medium light green

Pedicel pubescent (fuzzy)? Almost none

Fragrant? Lemony

Height above water: 20-25 cm.


Leaves: Shape: Round

            Margin: Smooth, sometimes upturned

            Length x width:  29 x 29 cm.

            Sinus: Overlaps considerably

            Lobes: One or both raised with small pointy tips

 Color, top: Shiny surface. Beautiful light green vein patterns on a darker green background. Watermelon striped in spring. Background color can be very light green to dark green depending on fertilizer levels. Leaf pattern retained all season even in fertile conditions. Light green vein pattern can disappear in leaves that are held above the water. Young leaves show red splotches near the perimeter.

            Color, underside: Pink-red with dark red splotches where the leaf touches the water. Along the raised edge of the leaf

           that does not touch water, it is green with dark red splotches. Very prominent green veins. Very stiff healthy leaves.

            Petiole (leaf stem) color: Dark green

            Petiole pubescent? No

            Viviparous? No

            Spread of plant (diameter): 150-300 cm.


What cultivar does this plant most closely resemble and how does it differ? This plant resembles no other plant to my knowledge.

Unusual characteristics or comments: N. ‘Yellow Watermelon’ blooms very well and the substantial flowers are held high above the water on strong pedicles. The root travels about a foot a year in fertile soil in a mud pond. Has a large spread of leaves. The flowers are continuous and uniquely beautiful but the real show is the leaves. 




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