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 International Checklist



WGI International Checklist of

Nymphaea (Waterlily) Cultivars


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1) Cultivar Name:

Nymphaea ‘Pink Velvet’


2) Hardy or tropical: Hardy                               3) Day or night bloomer: Daybloomer

4) Originator: Han D. Sou                                 5) Year of origin: pre-1995

6) Address: Removed to protect privacy
 NSW, Australia


7) Nominant (Named by): John Sou

            8) Address (if different from above): NSW, Australia


9) Introducer: John Sou

10) Address (if different from above):


11) Applicant: John Sou

12) Address (if different from above):


13) Phone:  14) Fax:  15) Email: Removed to protect privacy


16) As far as you know, has this name been published in a dated publication together with a description?



17) If yes to 16, give details of the earliest publication (title, date, publisher, etc.):

The Names of Waterlilies 2002 Knotts


18) Has this cultivar been granted Patent or Plant Breeders' Rights, or is it being sold under a trade designation other than the name used here? No


19) If yes to any of the above, please give details:


20) Has a Standard been deposited in a recognized herbarium? No


21) If yes, please give details (where, when deposited, etc.):




Parentage: Seed (maternal) parent: Unknown


Pollen (paternal) parent: Unknown


Please give following dimensions in centimeters


Description ‑ Flower: Shape: Initially cup, then stellate with long narrow petals.

            Diameter:  Approx. 10 cm (when fully opened). Size varies depending on depth of planting        

            Sepal color, exterior:  Olive green, sometimes with medium pink stripe on edges similar to those of the outer petals.

            Sepal color, interior: Dark musky pink

            Sepal number: 4

            Petal color: Musky pink. Outer petals are sometimes lined with thin dark pink colour on petal edge.

                     Petal colour tends to be lighter colour the 1st season of transplanting.

Petal number: Approx. 27

            Stamen: Filament color: Orange-pink                            

            Anther color: Deep yellow

                        Tip color: Yellow        

            Pedicel (flower stalk) color: Green

Pedicel pubescent (fuzzy)? Yes, moderately

Fragrant?  Deliciously sweet

Height above water: 0-1 cm.


Leaves: Shape: Nearly round, wider than long

             Margin: Entire

             Length x width: 13 x 16 cm.

             Sinus: Wide open

             Lobes: Pointed           

             Color, top: Initially dark bronze-purple then fades to green with age. 

                         Green star where petiole joins leaf.

             Color, underside: Reddish

             Petiole (leaf stem) color: Green

             Petiole pubescent? Slightly

             Viviparous? No

             Spread of plant (diameter):       50 cm.


What cultivar does this plant most closely resemble and how does it differ?

N. ‘Rose Arey’ but with darker sepal and the compact growth that is somewhat similar to that of N. ‘Perry’s Baby Red’. This information is based on observations from a specimen growing in a tub.


Unusual characteristics or comments: The leaves stay mostly dark purple early in the season. During mid and late season, the leaves with age to green.






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