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 International Checklist



WGI International Checklist of

Nymphaea (Waterlily) Cultivars


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1) Cultivar Name (Epithet):

Nymphaea ‘Fairy Skirt’


2) Hardy or tropical: Hardy                            3) Day or night bloomer: Day

4) Originator: Mike Giles                                5) Year of origin: 2004

            6) Address: Removed to protect privacy

                        West Virginia, USA


7) Nominant (Named by): Mike Giles

            8) Address (if different from above):


9) Introducer: Mike Giles

10) Address (if different from above):


11) Applicant: Mike Giles

12) Address (if different from above):


13) Phone:  14) Fax:  15) Email:  Removed to protect privacy


16) As far as you know, has this name been published in a dated publication together with a description?   No


17) If yes to 16, give details of the earliest publication (title, date, publisher, etc.):


18) Has this cultivar been granted Patent or Plant Breeders' Rights, or is it being sold under a trade designation other than the name used here?   No


19) If yes to any of the above, please give details:


20) Has a Standard been deposited in a recognized herbarium?   No


21) If yes, please give details (where, when deposited, etc.):





Parentage: Seed (maternal) parent: Known


Pollen (paternal) parent: Unknown


Please give following dimensions in centimeters.


Description ‑ Flower: Shape: Highly variable, star to flat, often with strongly outwardly curled sepals and petals by the third                  day. Wide pointy petals

Diameter: 20-24 cm.

Sepal color, exterior: Dark green with pink margins the first day, lighter base each day after, retaining dark green on      outer one third.

            Sepal color, interior: Shell pink with slightly darker margins, slightly darker than petals.

            Sepal number: 4                     

            Petal color: Variable. Dark to medium shell pink, lightening sometimes to almost white on the third day.

Petal number: 32-38

            Stamen: Filament color: Dark yellow 

            Anther color: Dark yellow          

            Tip color: Dark yellow

            Pedicel (flower stalk) color: Medium green

Pedicel pubescent (fuzzy)? No

Fragrant? Light lemony scent

Height above water: 0-5 cm. in 1 m. of water


Leaves: Shape: Round

            Margin: Smooth, slightly upturned

            Length x width:  25 x 25 cm.

            Sinus: Overlapping, ¾ closed

            Lobes: One lobe slightly raised, very small points on tips

 Color, top: Medium-dark green. New leaves reddish with some dark splotching. 

            Color, underside: Pink-red with dark red splotches and green veins. 

            Petiole (leaf stem) color: Green

            Petiole pubescent? Slight

            Viviparous? No

            Spread of plant (diameter): 90-150 cm.


What cultivar does this plant most closely resemble and how does it differ? The petal shape is similar to N. ‘Rosy Morn’ and N. ‘Amabilis’ but with outward curled petals, on an N. mexicana cross plant similar to N. ‘Pink Grapefruit’.


Unusual characteristics or comments: Petals that are outwardly curled on second and third day flowers. Sepals sometimes curl 360 degrees and will not close all the way at night leaving a vase shaped bud with the petal tips exposed. These traits are not expressed well in small under-fertilized plants. More fertility and space lead to more curl. Long anthers of uneven length surrounding a wide carpel disk. Very free flowering.





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