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 International Checklist



WGI International Checklist of

Nymphaea (Waterlily) Cultivars


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1) Cultivar Name (Epithet):

Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu


2) Hardy or tropical: Tropical subgenus Anecphya      3) Day or night bloomer: Day

4) Originator: Andre Leu                                      5) Year of origin: 2008

            6) Address: Removed to protect privacy

                        Queensland, Australia


7) Nominant (Named by): Carlos Magdalena, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

            8) Address (if different from above): Removed to protect privacy, United Kingdom


9) Introducer: Carlos Magdalena, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

10) Address (if different from above):


11) Applicant: Carlos Magdalena, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

12) Address (if different from above):

3) Phone:  14) Fax:  15) Email:  Removed to protect privacy


16) As far as you know, has this name been published in a dated publication together with a description?   No


17) If yes to 16, give details of the earliest publication (title, date, publisher, etc.):


18) Has this cultivar been granted Patent or Plant Breeders' Rights, or is it being sold under a trade designation other than the name used here?   No


19) If yes to any of the above, please give details:


20) Has a Standard been deposited in a recognized herbarium?   No


21) If yes, please give details (where, when deposited, etc.):





Parentage: Seed (maternal) parent: Selection from selfed seedlings of N. carpentariae ‘Andre Leu


Pollen (paternal) parent: N/A


Please give following dimensions in centimeters.


Description ‑ Flower: Shape: Starry cup

Diameter: 15 cm.

Sepal color, exterior: Olivaceous green         

            Sepal color, interior: Dark pink-red

            Sepal number: 4

            Petal color: Very intense pink-red

Petal number: 20

            Stamen: Filament color: White with some pink intrusions     

            Anther color: Yellow with some pink

            Tip color: Pink, yellow or white

            Pedicel (flower stalk) color: Green

            Pedicel pubescent (fuzzy)? No

Fragrant? No

Height above water: 40 cm.


Leaves: Shape: Round

            Margin: Dentate

            Length x width:  35 x 30 cm.

            Sinus: Open, doessn’t overlap

            Lobes: Pointed

            Color, top: Brown when young. Olive green to green when mature

            Color, underside: Olive green/ green with fine red flecks

            Petiole (leaf stem) color: Green

            Petiole pubescent? No

            Viviparous? No

            Spread of plant (diameter): 200 cm.


What cultivar does this plant most closely resemble and how does it differ? N. carpentariae ‘Andre Leu’. N. ‘Julia Leu’ seems to be a more reliable grower and the colour is of a darker and richer pink/red, especially when compared side by side.


Unusual characteristics or comments: One of the most intense reds/pinks in the tropical Nymphaea. It has a dark crimson spot at the centre of the stigmatic disk.





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