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Application for Registration of Nymphaea (Waterlily) Cultivars

Guidelines for Completing the Form


Please complete the form as fully as possible.


Names proposed may not duplicate any already in use (published and established) for Nymphaea. Check Named Waterlilies for names in use. Certain names are not acceptable under the "International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants" and may be rejected for inclusion in the Checklist. Details are available from the compiler.


A cultivar which is eligible to be named and included in the Register is defined by the ICNCP as "a taxon that has been selected for a particular attribute or combination of attributes, and that is clearly distinct, uniform and stable in its characteristics and that, when propagated by appropriate means, retains those characteristics." Single plants are not considered cultivars and therefore not eligible. See How to name a new cultivar for more details


Your completed Application Form should be sent to:


By email: Save the Application Form as a Word document, complete it and attach it to the blank email that appears when you click the following link, along with the cultivar name in the subject line OR copy and paste the form into the blank email, complete it, attach the images and send.  info@watergardenersinternational.org


By regular mail: Download the form, complete it and mail with your images to WGI Checklist, c/o Kit Knotts, 2211 S Atlantic Av, Cocoa Beach FL 32931 USA


You will receive email confirmation of receipt of your application.


THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR INCLUSION IN THE REGISTER. Each accepted application will have a complete page on the WGI web site with the images. The page will also be linked from Named Waterlilies and will be included in the Victoria-Adventure Cultivar Galleries. Complete text and one color image will be included in the print version of the 2008 Checklist Supplement free of charge.


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