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is a truth-in-labeling program joined voluntarily by waterlily growers, wholesalers and retailers among WGI members who are committed to providing the consumer with plants that are true to their labeled name. Participating Member Growers pledge that waterlily hybrids they offer by name are grown only by vegetative means. For more about why this is important see What's in a Name? - Guide for Waterlily Buyers.

Certifying Members pledge that specific waterlily cultivars they offer are true to name. Each has provided a list of those cultivars complete with images and/or provenance which is linked below their name.

Aloha Pond Plants
P.O. Box 562
Waimanalo, HI 96795
Telephone: 808-259-8463
Fax: 808-259-6870
Email: tryan4@hawaii.rr.com
Web site: www.alohapondplants.com
Certified Varieties

American Aquatic Gardens
621 Elysian Fields Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
Telephone: 504-944-0410
Fax: 504-944-3951
Email: rich@amaqg.nocoxmail.com
Web site: www.americanaquaticgardens.com
Certified Varieties

Andreas Protopapas Hybrids

35 Panagias Kykkou
Archangelos Kato Lakatamia
Nicosia 2331. Cyprus
Tel: +357371385
Mob: +357434281
Fax: +357371385
Email: aprotopa@gmail.com
Web site: http://nymphaea.awardspace.com/default.htm
Certified Varieties

38357 Emerald Way
Springfield, OR 97478
Telephone: 541-988-9775
Email address: gabe@aquaphy.com
Web site: aquaphy.com (currently under construction)
Grower, wholesale, retail
Certified Varieties

Hazorea Aquatics
Kibbutz Hazorea, 30060 Israel
Telephone: +97249899137
Fax: +97249899289
Email: info@hazorea-aquatics.com
Web site: www.hazorea-aquatics.com
Grower, wholesale
Certified Varieties

Lilypons Water Gardens
6800 Lily Pons Road, PO Box 10
Adamstown, MD 21710 - 0010
Telephone: 1.800.999.5459
Fax: 1.800.879.5459
Email: info@lilypons.com
Web site: www.lilypons.com
Grower, wholesale, retail
Certified Varieties 

Lone Star Aquatic Nursery

13101 S. Dowling Rd.
College Station, TX 77845
Telephone: 979-779-6600
Fax: 979-690-7993
Email: lonestaraquatics2006@msn.com
Grower, wholesale
Certified varieties

Luster Aquatic Nursery
3864 Oak Hill Ranches Rd
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890
Phone (863)735-2400
Fax (863)735-2401
Email: info@lusteraquatic.com
Web site: www.lusteraquatic.com
Grower, wholesale
Certified varieties

Rosepond Aquatics
2580 Central Ave, Suite 50
McKinleyville, CA 95519 USA
Telephone: 707-839-0588
Fax: 707-839-0588
Email: prose@rosepond.com
Web site: www.rosepond.com
Grower, wholesale, retail 
Certified varieties

Springtime Nursery
23902 County Road H
Sugar City, CO 81076 USA
Telephone: 719 267 4166
Fax: 719 267 3010
Email: info@waterplants.com
Web site: www.waterplants.com
Grower, retail 
Certified varieties

Utopia Aquatic
PO Box 2242
Riverview, FL 33568 USA
Telephone: 813 421 5459
Email: hello@utopiaaquatic.com
Web site: www.utopiaaquatic.com
Certified Varieties 

Watergarden Paradise
Aquatic Nursery

P.O. Box 7039, Bass Hill, NSW, 2197
Telephone: +61-2-9727-2622
Fax: +61-2-9281-9128
Email: watergarden@mbox.com.au
Web site: www.watergardenparadise.com.au
Grower & retail
Certified Varieties

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